Female of indeterminate age (perhaps 20s-30s) with dark skin, white hair and hard-to-place features. Athletic build and about 175cm tall.


What is Nyx?

Pawn of Fate?

Herald of Fate?


Of Earth and humanity but never truly a native. Always the informed outsider, the seasoned traveler, the prepared tourist. The problem solver. So old even she doesn’t remember her origins. Perhaps she doesn’t truly have any – perhaps she always was. She’s been called avatar of chaos, righteous fury, the tide that wears away the cliff, plausible deniability, a terrorist, a subversive, the saviour, a disposable asset, the fly in the ointment, the mirror, the creatress, a witch, financial uncertainty, the pillar and a thousand other epithets. They are all true.

Much of her time has been spent in conflict of one kind or another and she’s at home in such situations, being equally skilled in a street brawl or in the general’s war room. In much the same manner she moves easily through the multiversal Earths, understanding endless deserts, arctic tundra, vast oceans and crowded hyper-metropolae well. She has scrabbled in the dirt with the poorest peasents, and dined as the favoured guest of absolute autocrats. She has taken and saved countless lives, but failed to die herself on cue every time. She only knows immortality. She will always return whole. Eventually.

But… she has never left earth and its immediate spheres in all of the multiverses throughout time she has visited. She does not know what would happen if she did.


I am Nyx.
I am Ophiuchus.
I am Woken Fury.
I am Ushtabi.
I am Selasi Jubey.
I am Kali.
I am Nyneve Xen.
I am that bitch.
I am order through chaos.
I have no name and I am where I need to be.
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