Pieter van der Braüweller

The wanderering warhound


More often than not seen in yellows and reds, often including a cloak or long coat, although loud, not a dandy – the clothes are practical, those of a soldier.

Whenever possible, Piet will have his rifled musket with him, it’s low tech, but experience has begun to show that low tech is possibly better (although he has found a Webley that he’s become fond of too).

No longer part of his company, Piet is now travelling through the worlds – still a sword for hire at times, but maybe more on his own terms.


The son of a mercenary, from a line of mercenaries.

Stepped onto the stairs as a bodyguard, and became an apprentice to his ‘charge’ shortly after. The apprenticeship came to an end with the sudden death of the tutor, falling to the ground from great height thrown from the lighthouse/watchtower.

Pieter van der Braüweller

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