Short and slim with powerful calloused hands. His features are non descript and nonthreatening, eminently forgetable. His eyes though seem to suck the viewer down with him into madness.


Current List of Names

Tomascal – Artisan for hire, traveler and was briefly an agent of Bastianos.
Lutharan – Velentia (first meeting with the Soldier Scholar) Cold graves and Warm Hearts
Smith – Genabackis (first meeting with Tattersail)
Dog-boy – pre-historic germanic hills (Introduction) Starting anew


A traveler and story teller, artisan and artist, father and soldier, lawman and thief. He has been many different people over the course of his numerous lives. Reinventing himself with each world and each life he takes on.

Born in the rural mountains of a forgotten and backward world close to the base of a stunted and broken stairwell he lived a fractured life as a wanderer, warrior and loresmith before the first doorway was revealed to him.

It is assumed that he has traveled through many worlds as his story plays out, how many and how widely he has traveled is not yet clear.

As a nameless smith his story touched lightly on that of ‘Sail during a long campaign on a continent called Gennabakis. She a cadre mage attached to the 2nd Imperial Army. He a newly freed Journeyman came to practice his newly won craft in a world in flux that was soaked in magic and items of power. She had came storming into the logistical camp with a shattered blade, with nothing more than a abrupt command to ’fix this’, before casting it on his work table. This took place during the early days of a campaign that in the history books would become known as the Pannion Wars on that nested set of gossamer thin worlds. On a hunch and a whim, he took the shards of the weapon and wrought a new blade, in the same outward style, but within it he bound several words of power that he thought might match her need and those small hints of ‘Sail’s name that he was able to identify. As a journeyman’s piece, it would suffice.

He met the Soldier-Scholar for the first time on a mirror of the earth we knew in a city called Valentia where they faced a trial together the conclusion of which has yet to be revealed. The second time was a number of years later, after trailing her back through the great stairwell to her home world. That sorry chapter did not begin well, as shortly after arrival he was captured and tortured for many months in the base of one of their great towers. Overconfident and arrogant he had forgotten an old lesson. No matter how good you believe you are, there is always someone better! It was only the arrival of the Soldier-Scholar and their ensuing adventure together that he managed to escape with his skin still attached.


The Shadow and the Flame Skew