House Rules

Character Generation

Characters are generated from 100pts

Eidilion and Umbra are broken into initiate, journeyman and mastery

Stats are ‘blind bid’ you will get three opportunities to alter your bids. You will be told whether you rank low, middle or top in the ranking. At the end of the bid the GM will know the rankings – players will not.

Good Stuff & Bad Stuff

Good and bad stuff are changed from the core book. To offer a little more structured narrative to the game good and bad stuff are used as finite points.

Good Stuff

  • Good Stuff is actively bought – it is not residual XP.
  • Starting characters may have a maximum of 10 good stuff

Bad Stuff

  • Each point of bad stuff gives 1pt of XP
  • Bad stuff can be bought off through character development

Using Good & Bad Stuff

Good stuff and bad stuff provide narrative flow and control within the game. During a session you can spend good stuff to take a ‘narrative advantage’ this could include using the environment to overcome an adversary or higher rank or taking control of scene to provide narrative direction.

The GM may spend your bad stuff against you to thwart ambition or task in the game. It is used to offer challenge and difficulty rather than be punitive. For example the GM may bring a dependent or ally into play, or cause you to fail a task you would normally succeed.

Once points are played in a session they are used for the remainder of the session. Good stuff and bad stuff can not be used to counter each other out. i.e. the GM can not spend bad stuff to cancel out the narrative advantage, players can not cancel out bad stuff through good stuff spending.

House Rules

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