The Shadow and the Flame

Session 9: The World Tree

Eh... er... you what?

Right – Honestly I have no idea. I have made the best sense of my notes that I could and put them into a reasonable order. But there is a lot of reiteration in the notes, a lot of back forth and over-repeat… so if it does not sound right please feel free to change it!

MICHAEL says he is only going to SHATTERLIGHT for 30 mins. He needs to use his Order for something good and they must die. Plus he wants to check.

The STAIR resists him opening a door, or a force of some kind resists him going to SHATTERLIGHT. MICHAEL forces the issue and it pushes back, but eventually he opens the door. He goes through to find the city aflame. He lies to his army telling them a nearby tower is the last archive and sends them to take it.

MICHAEL senses the CARIACH and the presence of THE RED PRINCESS. As he returns he drops a SILVER ROSE and it causes the CARIACH to Scream, it sounds like heartbreak. Its the scream of a cruse, of a wronged woman… she wants to end whatever the rose is. THe SILVER ROSE was from CORWIN’s garden.

SHATTERLIGHT falls and MICHAEL blows the door, burning off its remains and sealing it.

Back in THE GARDEN plans are discussed.
To be honest I am not bothering to type them up as they became obsolete by the end of the session

Abruptly the GARDEN disappears and they they are standing on a tree, infinite in its proportions, its branches extending out into the dark. Either side of the tree massive armies are emassed.

It becomes apparent that the VIEL has burnt off and all that remains is reality as it truly is. Order on one side, Chaos on the other.

Off from the Tree they see TOMASCAL – he has a Warship from THE GARDEN. Everyone walks off the tree onto the GALLOWGATE LAD.

SAIL remains and communes with the Tree/Stair. This cycle either it lives or it dies. It asserts that it has given us all the tools we need. MICHAEL’S SWORD is broken and needs to be reforged and all that rails against the tree must end.

MICHAEL exhausted from his efforts goes to sleep on the GALLOWGATE LAD.

NYX appears to have some kind of fit and then awakes and speaks and says we must go to the roots and tells ‘SAIL to take them there. She says we need to get to the ’Machine’ of the Stair/Tree – or in other words go see its creator.

As they descend to the roots of the tree they come up against thuds of energy and then ballista fire. ’GARRIDAN and ’SAIL erect shields around the ship and they continue. As they descend the tree starts to open up to allow them through.

MICHAEL has a flashback to when he went to the center of the Labyrinth – to where they are going now. The WIZARD with the staff did not move, things moved round him, he was 0,0 and we take onboard that knowledge and head there.

MICHAEL access the ‘back door’ as it were and they take the shorter route to their destination emerging in the CITADEL OF 1001 NIGHTS. As they step out into the Labyrinth ’SAIL self actualises into a Master of the Stair.

As they walk out into the LABYRINTH following MICHAEL all icons of the previous 6 go cold. The arrive in the center – there is the box/coffin/stasis pod/sarcophagus that CORWIN is in and MERLIN/THE WIZARD his ‘son’.

’SAIL is able to sense CORWIN in the box and communicate directly. He tells her to fuck off… and then tells her he did not want this. He did not want to be in the sarcophagus… his thoughts reinterate, she picks up on the fact he reiterates taht he loved her, they loved each other, they did not want to be here… he did not want to be here.

MICHAEL talks to MERLIN, he notes that he should not have come unarmed.

’SAIL confronts MERLIN saying the story he told MICHAEL does not fit with what she hears from CORWIN. He is evasive and unclear.

’SAIL continues to talk to CORWIN. She learns he fucked up trying to save the half-sister he adored and loved more than anything else. She died in the war between Chaos and order. He took her essence and with it grew the Stair, he did it knowing breaking every rule. Hence FIONA/THE RED HAIRED PRINCESS is fucked off, he did break the rules. and the CARIACH/The half sister feels betrayed… he did not save her.

TOM is brought back by NYX and GARRIDAN. ’SAIL apologizes and he seems well.

Both TOM and ’SAIL agree that they must symbolically somehow end the story between CORWIN and THE CARIACH. There is also the understanding that it must be done as the six of us together to work.

TOM’s ideas is to give her the a symbolic sacrifice of CORWIN. This amounts to giving MICHAEL to the CARIACH as MICHAEL is CORWIN’s son. MICHAEL immediately tries to do this and it fails.

’SAIL explains that it can be less specific. CORWIN broke the rules when he made the Stair. Therefore the rules are mutable and changeable within the bounds of the Story.
TOM points out you do not need to know all the story.

They set off to reforge MICHAEL’s SWORD (once DRAKEs).



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