Wood Folk

The Wood Folk of River Run.

Heavy set and robust they are gifted trackers who utilise stone weapons – an assortment of finely polished maces and sharpened axes of various materials from flint to greenstone. They also usue bows with clovis arrowheads made from chert and jasper. Clothing is generally animal hides however they may also wear clothing they have scavenged.

They have an excellent sense of smell with which they can track spoor and it has been surmised that their night vision is superior to most humans probably due to having tapetum lucidum within their ocular structures. This would explain the reflective quality of the eyes when seen at night. Although there is no confirmation it is expected that their sense of hearing will be if not better than human at least better trained.

They tend to work in packs of between six and nine and it is not unreasonable that this is due to familial groupings. What little evidence has been returned by an investigatory team from the Order of the Pillar has shown that the eight members of the Wood Folk that engaged with them all had similar facial features and distinctive and similar tattoos and paint markings. Whilst not definitive it is indicative of tight social bonds. Of the eight two were carrying bows and both of these were deemed to be the eldest of the group.

Personal items of note: all of the Wood men carried in thongs around their necks made from animal skin three polished jadeite spheres. These spheres were engraved in a variety of geometric forms (example shown below). Additionally all carried ripple flaked flint knives. Finally one of the two bow carriers, also the Wood Folk with the largest number of personal items and deemed to be the best fed of the eight had an incised scar on his left wrist. The scar was formed into a labarynthine circular pattern and initial viewing suggested it was a form of Wrighting. Unfortunately as the bodies could not be removed from site further examination was not possible. The expedition leader in his report stated that he thought the link was still active some minutes post mortem.

Wood Folk

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